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This is a fully functional LED display desktop clock radio with a high quality pinhole CCD colour security camera built in and so cleverly concealed it cannot be detected.  This desk clock does not record see our clock radio DVR Recorders here but rather transmits what it can see to a supplied receiver perhaps in another room. Everything you need is supplied with the kit. 

View what the pinhole camera can see on any TV monitor and/or record the action to any DVR, DVD recorder, VCR and USB DVR also available. This is a very cost effective security camera or nanny cam surveillance solution.

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Wireless Clock Radio Camera

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2.4 GHz Wireless Clock Radio Camera
This is a fully functional LED display clock radio with a high quality pinhole CCD camera built in and so cleverly concealed it cannot be detected. A clock can be placed almost anywhere! It's so common that no one would ever suspect they're being watched.  Remember this clock does not record (others are available with DVR recording that if needed) this clock has a built in 2.4Ghz mini transmitter which sends a wireless singal of what it can see to a receiver perhaps in another room.  View what the pinhole camera can see on any TV monitor and/or record the action to any DVR, DVD recorder, VCR and USB DVR also available.

The wireless clock radio has a Sony 1/3" CCD pinhole 3.7mm camera lens that's 1.0 lux and automatically adjusts to light changes. Resolution is an awesome 420 lines! This new model clock radio camera is also supplied with a built in pinhole microphone for audio listening or recording. The clock is powered by internal batteries however we also provide a power supply for continuous video transmission. A clock does not look out of place if connected to 240V power anyway.

Furthermore, with a built in rechargeable battery or when no power handy, the clock radio can be moved from one room to another with or without power and still transmit a video signal to the supplied 4 channel receiver for several hours. We include everything you'll need (except the TV, VCR, DVR)!

How does it work?
Basically the internal camera is supplied with a fixed wireless transmitting channel. The clock and radio can be left on and the internal covert transmitter and camera switched on/off as required. It is a good idea not to leave the camera and transmitter on permanently, specially when using battery power.

The clock radio is placed into a room or office with reasonable lighting (not in the dark) and in another room the supplied receiver is connected to any TV or recording device. The receiver picks up the signal from the transmitter. The receiver is connected to the TV or any analogue recording device through the AV inputs usually yellow video in and white audio in. Wherever the camera is aimed the picture will be plainly seen on your TV monitor. If the TV is connected to a VCR or DVD recorder etc then the video can be recorded.

Many customers ask can I record to my PC? In short not really however, we do have available called a USB DVR.  The mini DVR is connected to your PC and he receiver is connected to the DVR.  From that point you can see and record to PC Hard Drive whenever motion is detected. If your PC has a spare PCI slot and the hardware specifications are suitable, a capture card and software can be installed in the PC thus allowing a number of cameras and/or receiver to be connected simultaneously. The recording can then be saved to the PC Hard Drive/s. There are other options of course such as our stand alone DVR systems or  as mentioned our USB multi camera video grabbers. Contact HCS (1300 763235) for further information on this subject.

Another commonly asked question is the transmitting distance? In a sense this is like asking how long is a piece of string? In a nutshell if the transmitter and receiver have a good line of sight then one could expect approximately 100-150m. If on the other hand there are many obstacles between the transmitter and receiver i.e.: walls, glass, brick, timber and so on then all of those obstacles will have an effect on transmission distance. The more obstacles the less distance can be expected. Wireless transmissions can penetrate most obstacles although a steel shed for example will pose a transmission problem.

Even over short distances transmissions can be affected by other factors such as a wireless Internet router modem, some wireless phones and on occasions even a microwave oven so HCS takes no responsibility for external transmissions affecting the camera quality. Sometimes just moving the camera or receiver slightly will greatly enhance reception quality and larger receiving antennas are available as optional items.

The kit includes
1 x completely functional clock radio with built-in camera, microphone, battery and transmitter
1 x Receiver with RCA connectors
2 x power supplies.

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