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Teddy Bear Cameras can be used for a wide range of applications including home or room surveillance or as a simple Nany Cam.  With the camera in operation mode, we do not condone in any way that the Teddy camera is left unattended or in the care of a child.  Whilst the camera and internal recorder are protected, it could potentially be damaged if misused and Hidden Camera Surveillance accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by misuse intentionally or otherwise.  

When the camera is activated it should not be left unattended and we do not recommend that a child or any minor, carry the camera around whilst active.  Ideally the Teddy Cam should be propped up and aimed toward an area where activity is anticipated and not smothered, covered or tossed about.  Teddy Bear Cam has a very cleverly concealed battery operated motion hidden camera including a concealed built in audio microphone.  Teddy can also be connected to a 12V power source but again should not be left unattended for long periods when activate.

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Teddy Bear Camera as mentioned is not just a toy.  Teddy Bear Cameras can be used to great advantage as a genuine micro spy camera.  Commonly referred to as Nanny Cams, these covert spy cameras are supplied with the latest advances in high resolution spy camera technology.  Without revealing too much about the Teddy Bear and exactly where the camera is located, rest assured this Teddy bear Hidden Camera is easy to use, easy to setup and easy to playback. If you suspect that valuables have been stolen (could be a member of the family or a paid cleaner etc) then this covert hidden camera could be just wnat you are looking for.  It will keep and eye on anything when you can't.

So how does a Spy Camera with Audio function?
The actual teddy bear is quite genuine and for all intents and purposes, really looks the part.  Teddy is very soft and cuddly with no external holes or cavities which could undermine exactly what it is. The images of the bear depict exactly how natural it is but don't be fooled, this is not your ordinary Nanny Hidden Camera.  Built into the body of the bear is a battery operated and motion activated spy camera with audio.  This is a colour spy camera which is very good even in low light but one of the main features is what it can do for you.

For instance, it may be that are only concerned about certain hours, say between 4.00pm and 2.00am.  Teddy Bear Cam can be programmed to auto arm at 4.0Opm and disarm at 2.00am.  That means the camera is in motion activation recording mode during those times.  Outside of those times, the spy camera teddy bear is in sleep mode.  With a fully charged battery the ON time would be around 10 hours and that needs to be taken into consideration for long term surveillance.  It can of course be connected to a 12V power supply is desired (not playing with the device at the time of course) but then battery power is not needed.

If you see our Spy Camera Clock it functions to exactly the same principal as Teddy Bear Cam.  It has the same features and functions as depicted below

How do I play back recordings?
The Teddy Bear Cam is supplied with a wireless remote control and an RCA - AV video and audio lead. Its very easy to playback recordings and there are several methods.  Assuming you have a TV, the RCA inputs (yellow & white) on the rear or side of the TV are called VIDEO IN & AUDIO IN.  Using the supplied colour coded lead, connect to the TV Inputs.  The other end of the lead connect directly to the Teddy and heh presto, you will be able to see on your TV exactly what the covert pinhole camera can see and hear.  Use the supplied remote control to flick through the menu, change the digital recorder and camera settings and playback recordings direct to you TV.

 Using the supplied remote control, press the Menu button and from there you will be able to set the time and date, playback recordings including fast forward & rewind, set-up scheduled recording if you choose to and much more. In fact it is all very easy and we can assist you by phone if not sure although a user manual is supplied.  At the time of purchase ask for the Teddy Bear Camera to be ready to go. No problem, we wil do it all for you plus offer free telephone or email support if required.  No PC required.

Other methods of viewing recordings is to simply remove the internal SD memory card slotted into the camera (same as used with most digital cameras) and with an optional USB SD memory card reader, playback recordings direct to your PC either Windows or MAC. Some PC's have an SD card already in which case a USB SD card reader is not necessary. Save recordings to your PC HDD if you need to retain important motion detection video clips. It's easy!!

Windows Media Player is standard with most PC's nowadays however, there are many other player programs which are equally as good if not better.  Mac users normally have AVI media player programs as standard but if not sure see this link and download the latest Windows and Mac VLC player http://download.cnet.com/VLC-Media-Player/3000-13632_4-10267151.html

How long can this mini Wireless Spy Camera record?
This is perhaps the best Spy Cam available in terms of what it can do for you.  Remember the recording quality and speed etc can be set by the user and that will determine how fast or slow the SD memory is used.  We recommend that the SD card is HD type an at least 30mbps or faster,specially where video is concerned.  For arguments sake, if we were to set the camera to record at the highest quality and real time, it would use about 1GB per 40 minutes.  The Spy camera recorder can be set to STOP RECORDING when full or RECYCLE RECORDING meaning when the SD card is full, it will auto overwrite starting from the earliest recording.  It does not mean that all recording is lost, it will simply slowly overwrite from the earliest time and date. 

To put this into perspective, we supply an 8GBHD SD card with each Teddy Bear Cam.  At our office we pre-set and test everything before dispatch to you.  If you feel that the recording capacity is inadequate, simply order a larger SD card either 16 or 32GB.  Please note this will add a little to cost so best to call our office to order if you need a larger SD card.  On the other hand, simply by slowing the recording or adjusting the recording quality can have a massive impact on recording duration.  For example, if the recording quality was set to medium or low rather than high, that change could double or quadruple the recording capacity and the same applies to recording speed.  By adjusting the recording speed, it would have the same affect of increasing recording duration but the two changes combined, even better. Either way, you have the choice.

Another function of this Nanny Hidden Camera is the motion detection recording duration.  Remember if there is no motion the camera is not recording and this in turn has an affect on the battery capacity.  When motion is detected, the Teddy Bear covert camera will record for 15 seconds. However, the recording duration could be shorter or longer.  If motion continues (even for several minues or more) the built in hidden DVR (Digital Video Recorder) will continually record but we need to take into consideration someone simply walking past the camera (can be up to 10-15m away) and triggering recording.  A few seconds is fine and not doing any harm although you may prefer that the camera continues to record even longer than 15 seconds, perhaps 30 seconds, 1 minute or more.  No problem it can do that too. Its all a matter of choice during setup. 

Brief Introduction
Totally self contained Teddy Bear with camera and motion activated SD Digital Video Recorder
Super High resolution now 540 TV Lines
0.01 LUX low light colour camera for better performance in low light conditions.  In other words it can see in about 1/10th of a candle light
Removable SD Card stores up to 32GB of video for days or weeks of recording or 1GB/40 min at highest resolution & speed
Full memory overwrite features
Completely Covert Hidden Camera
No additional software needed to view video recordings on your PC
RCA Cable Lets You Connect to Any TV Or Monitor to View footage
Remote Control Function
Time & Date stamped recording

Recording Frame Rate: 1 to 25 Frames per Second (FPS) real time
Maximum FPS selectable: 25 fps @ 320x240 or 12 fps @ 640x480
Record Quality: Low , Medium, High
1 CH Composite Video Line In Video
1 CH Composite Video Line Out
Audio Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz Codec: G.726/ 32 kbps
1 CH Audio Line Out
Audio Microphone built in
Storage Media SD Card (FAT16 or 32)
MAX FILES 16384 FILES Serial Port: USB 1.1
Recording Modes, Manual, Schedule (Alarm, Motion Detection, Continuous)
Motion Detection Setting: Multiple Blocks and adjustable sensitivity

Event Search Function
Playback Functions: Play/Fast Forward/Fast Rewind/Pause/Step Forward/Step Backward Playback Speed: x1/ x2/ x4/ x8/ x16/ x32
Power Supply DC 12V/1A
Operating Environment 30%~80% Storage
Environment 30%~90%

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