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If you have an alarm system then you would know what a PIR or alarm motion sensor looks like. Our PIR (Passive Infra Red) DVR Spy Camera looks very similar and works on the same principal as a normal alarm PIR with the exception that mini IR illuminators are built in for great night vision recording.  The IR illuminators enable the camera to video record any movement even in complete darkness or brilliant colour rcordings by day. The motion detector triggers the concealed and covert hidden spy camera to record what it can see directly to the built in SD memory card.

PIR DVR Spy Cam has motion detection recording as standard, wireless remote control, high resolution Sony CCD 420 TVL ideal for room and storeroom surveillance. Other than outdoors (cameras are available for outdoors as well) the PIR Cam with IR will function very well in any poor lighting environment. 

Mini PIR DVR Spy Camera

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Mini PIR Alarm Motion Sensor IR Colour DVR Video Camera with IR
If you are looking for a a cost effective and covert surveillance solution with ability to see and record in any light condition, even in complete darkness, then look no further.  Hidden Camera Surveillance has this covert digital video and recording camera on special but only whilst stock lasts.  We will even provide a 4GB HD SD memory card at no extra cost. 

How does it work?
A device such as this needs to be mounted in the corner of a room (non weatherproof) and up near the ceiling out of reach.  The mini PIR more or less looks like and Alarm System motion sensor so no one will is likely to take any notice. The one distinguishing feature with this device compared to other cameras of a similar nature, is the built in IR illuminators.  If you need the ability to record even in complete darkness then this model has the IR's whereas other models do not but will need some light to function at night. 

The PIR Cam depicted on this page is supplied with IR for night vision. It is a colour 420 TVL CCD pinhole camera and can take video or still time and date stamped photos when motion is detected.  Video and/or still pictures are auto saved to the internal SD memory card.  We recommend only HD SD cards are used with any video recording device. 

When the memory card is full, the PIR Cam DVR can be  pre-programmed to overwrite or recycle when full. The actual memory card is slotted into the side of the camera. The camera also has a built in rechargeable battery so if power is disconnected, the internal battery will take over for a few hours and when power is restored the battery will recharge itself. 

Do I need power to the camera?
Our PIR IR DVR Cam has a built in rechargeable battery so it can function on its own internal battery power for several hours but in most instances that may be insufficient.  We recommend that power is made available to the PIR camera and that could be a simple power point in the roof cavity if convenient or run and extension cord to the camera.  We provide a 5V power supply with the PIR DVR Cam so it doesn't need to be hard-wired to power as such, just plugged into a 240V power point.  In some cases it may be necessary to arrange for an electrician to install a power point or GPO for you but often there are other means of finding a power point to use somewhere, preferably in the roof cavity where it cannot be easily switched off or accessed.

On the same subject, if power is intentionally or unintentionally switched off, our PIR DVR will still function as the battery will automatically take over for an hour or two.

PIR DVR Cam is supplied with a wireless remote control which allows users to arm and disarm whenever you choose or, set the camera to scheduled recording which basically means the Digital Recorder will arm and disarm at times that you choose by pre programming the internal clock to arm and disarm.

How does the Motion Detection recording function work?
PIR Cam records whenever motion is detected however users can set how fast or slow you prefer to record when motion is detected.  Users may also set the recording duration.  For instance, if motion has been detected, and the person causing motion moved out of view, how long would you like the PIR DVR cam to record regardless of motion?  That could be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or longer.  The point is you have the choice and your selection will play a role in how fast or slow the SD card memory is used before recycle mode sets in.  Customers often ask the question, will I lose all recordings when recycling the SD memory card?  Lets look at an example.  Assuming the camera is set to motion detection recording at 25fps (real time) for 30 seconds.  Over a period of say 1 week there has been consierable motion so the 4GBSD card is virtually full.  Don't be concerned you will not lose a week of recordings!  The PIR DVR Cam will simply go back to the earliest or first day of recording and slowly over write from that point. So that essentially means that you would always have up to 1 week of recording (give or take depending on recording quality, speed & duration) remaining on the HD SD card.

How do I play back recordings?
Another good point but essentially it is quite easy as there are several methods from which to choose.  If you have a TV handy,  simply connect the PIR DVR Cam direct to AV IN of your TV.   Leads are supplied with this covery camera and on the end of the lead is a yellow and white RCA connection.  Your TV has a yellow RCA input called AV IN and a white RCA connection called AUDIO IN.  So, by connecting this lead from the camera (1 plug) to your TV and selecting AV 1 or AV2 on your TV, you wil be abe to see what the camera can see.  This is very important as you will need to do it when setting up the camera in the first instance.  Use the supplied wireless remote control to make selections of what you want the camera to do and, at the same time, also use the supplied remote control to play back recordings. 

In some instances it is not easy to remove the camera from its secure position so the next option is to simply remove the SD memory card from the PIR Camera.  Assuming you have a PC or know someone who has, the SD can be slotted either directly into the PC or using an SD memory card reader (Optional or you can supply) slot the SD card into the reader, slot the reader into the PC USB Interface and your PC will enable the recording to be viewed on Windows Medial Player or similar.  The point id there are plenty of options to view and playback recordings.  If there is a motion detection event/s that you need to retain, just save the event to PC hard drive or file.  Tha way you will never lose the evidence gathered. 

Mini PIR Alarm Motion Sensing IR Colour DVR Spy Video Camera

Built-in Sony 1/3” CCD 420TVL HD camera
4GB HD SD card
Wireless Remote control
PIR & Alarm Motion sensor
Records real time video or Hi res snap shots when motion is detected. 
Provided there is motion it will record over and over again until motion stops.
Built-in 1/3" SONY CCD camera for High resolution video and still pictures
Time & date Stamp recording
Build-in lithium rechargeable battery, provides long term recording even in the event of power failure
Video(AVI) Recording and Photo (JPEG) Snap Selectable
Loop or recycle recording Recording which means older recordings overwritten by new recordings when SD card is full
Supports up to 4GB SD card
Mode switch: PAL & NTSC
IR or Infra Red built in for night vision recording
Supports wireless alarm system interface
AV Video & Audio output with RCA lead
Power supply

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