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Technical Specs & PDF Brochure here
LCD DVR User Manual

This is our Advanced slim line Professional H.264 Codec 4 channel or 8 channel Digital Video Recorder.  This stylish and powerful security system is supplied with HDD (hard Drive) built into a  high gain 19" colour LCD monitor.  Our highly advanced H.264 codec DVR (which is an all in one combo security system) is ideal for any home, shop, office or warehouse and specially where space is limited.  Other stand alone DVR systems require bench space plus a TV or Monitor to view the cameras however, our system can be just as easily WALL MOUNTED thus taking up no bench space at all.  Furthermore, there is no need to purchase a monitor as would be the case with most other surveillance security systems.

Apart from offering the highest quality display and recording, our DVR systems are provided with the latest remote networking features including fast LAN/Internet access. If you have LAN/Internet access on site, users may have complete password protected remote access to view the cameras live, playback recordings and access all DVR settings wherever they are in the world, even with your Windows Mobile Pro, Symbian, S60, Iphone or 3G network.

For further advice and information please call our office Toll Free within Australia 1300 763235.  Pricing is subject to the type of DVR Surveillance System required (4Ch or 8Ch DVR) HDD size and the number of CCTV cameras required. We also guarantee to beat any other supplier for price and quality based on the same or similar product.  See our LCD 19" colour DVR systems and CCTV Accessories prices below.

Please note this same LCD Digital Recorder is also available as a Combo Package.  In other words if you would like Hidden Camera Surveillance to provide indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras and cables normally 20m in length  all ready to plug and play, we can provide everything needed for the DIY installer.   No electricals required just a 12V power supply which we include in the combo package and there you have all you need for any home, office or small business security. See more information below.

H.264 DVR LCD Combo

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DVR Costs
EV-1904 4CH LCD DVR $1090.00 Inc GST
EV-1908 8CH LCD DVR $1390.00 Inc GST


20m pre made cable with BNC connectors + $20.00 each
1 x 12V 5Amp power supply with 5 way splitter + $38.00

Hard Drives
Hard Drives (HDD) are available in many sizes but the most common are 500GB and 1TB or 1000GB.  The larger the HDD capacity the longer the recording duration.  Most common are the 500GB and whilst prices vary according to brand and features, we insist on the SV or Server HDD designed for CCTV systems which demand constant speed.  Cheaper HDD's are available but lets settle for the quality with 3 year warranty. 

500GB Sata SV HDD is supplied with the system. Larger HDDs are available and if you prefer a 1TB HDD add $60.00.

See further comments below on which HDD best suits you needs and why.

CCTV Cameras
At HCS we also have available mid level HD DVR systems supplied with cables and selected cameras at discounted prices reeady to plug and play.  For the higher quality customer look no further than out EV series DVR systems and CCTV cameras.  See this link to some of our CCTV camera range or ask for more camera options.

4/8 Channel LCD DVR
With a sophisticated user interface, simply connect your USB mouse (included) and navigate through the user friendly program menus. H.264 compression allows for maximum Hard Drive recording time with up to 30% less HDD required compared to MPEG4 but best of all, H.264 codecs delivers much high recording quality compared to other compression and video codec standards. With higher quality recording and significantly smaller file size, the result is faster LAN/Internet Network speed which is all part of the package. If you don't use H.264 compression, your behind the times.

HCS can provide this DVR system with or without CCTV cameras.  Choose from our huge DVR Camera range or we can provide a full system which includes  indoor or outdoor cameras (perhaps a combination of both) with pre made cables up to 20m in length (Pro Cables available up to 200m in length) including fittings and camera power supply all ready to plug and play. 

DVR integrated with 19'' 16:10 LCD monitor
H.264 real-time hardware compression
Supports dual streaming network transmission
Stand-alone Linux 2.6 operating system
Graphics & Windows OSD interface
Supports D1, HD1 and CIF recording resolution
ADPCM audio compression
Pentaplex operation: Simultaneous Live, Record, Playback, Backup & Networking
USB mouse interface
Real time remote view with Mobile Phones (based on Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 3rd & iPhone)
Supports backup & software upgrades with USB flash disk
Supports real time remote view via IE (Internet Explorer)
Transmit audio via network
PTZ control via built-in RS-485 port
Selectable packing time for recording files

This advanced and compact professional Surveillance DVR will auto recover if power is interrupted however we do recommend a good quality UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which not only offer battery backup but protect your DVR system and cameras from power surges and spikes.

How Does a DVR work and what size HDD should I select?
Many customers ask "what happens when the HDD is full and how many days of recording can I expect from 500GB"?
There is no simple answer to this question so better to rely on a "rule of thumb". Most DVR systems have what we call MD or MOTION DETECTION recording  Any or all cameras can be set to MD so users can also set specific zones to record whenever motion is detected.  The cameras or external sensors really have nothing to do with MD, it's actually a function the DVR software.

For example, lets assume there is constant movement from a ceiling fan or tree branches and that movement is persistently triggering unwanted MD recording thus using more HDD space.  It's very easy to mask out the ceiling fan or tree branches so that any movement within those areas will NOT be recorded but any movement outside of those regions will be recorded. The more movement and activity the DVR senses, the more HDD space it will use. 

Each DVR camera channel can be set to record as fast or as slow as you need.  Not all DVR systems are the same however, to put this into layman's terms, we will assume that you need a 4 channel DVR (4 x CCTV cameras) with a 500GBHDD installed. One camera is aimed at the front door of the shop, another directly over the cash register and the final 2 cameras are aimed at the rear of the shop to see and record areas that are obscured from the front counter.  You already know that theft is occurring in those blind spots.  So what we need is clear ID video to start with, hence the front door camera. (If you feel that more than 4 cameras are need then look toward a larger 8CH or 16 channel DVR System and at Hidden Camera Surveillance we have the DVR systems and camera for all of your needs)

Camera 1 is aimed at the front door (ought to be a Wide Dynamic camera) mainly to ID people coming in.  Users will normally set this camera to MD at about 12fps or Frames Per Second.  A cartoon for instance looks quite real in terms of speed but the recording rate isactually much less at around 12fps.  Real time recording on the other hand is double that speed at 25fps PAL or 30fps NTSC format.   To put this into perspective, if the DVR is set to record at a slower speed it will use less HDD capacity, in this case half the amount and 12fps is still very fast indeed.  However, we can also set the DVR to record  from LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH & SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION.  The higher the Recording Quality the more DVR HDD space required.

Hidden Camera Surveillance can if requested, pre-set your DVR to any desired specification (free online and telephone support available) and suggest the best HDD for your needs. The point is this, each DVR camera recording speed and/or recording quality can be set as often as you choose without effecting the system.  Those same settings can be changed at any time either directly from the DVR, via LAN or Internet. In fact anything you can do at the DVR can also be done remotely if you have LAN/Internet onsite. 

The key is to set the camera recording values according to priority.  For example, the camera over the cash register may need to be high quality and real time 25fps speed as we are looking for both "slight of hand" and currency denominations.  In other words we need ensure we can see the colour of the notes and how many, not just a broad view making currency hard to see. If the DVR has recorded video in very high quality with sufficient speed, then the playback quality we be equally high.

The other two cameras at the rear are also important but they may be angled to a more broad view in which case the user may set the recording to medium quality and 6fps. Even at 6 frames per second you won't miss anything and the HDD capacity is only being used at 1/4 capacity. Less HDD usage means more recorded storage time.

DVR systems have the ability to either Recycle or Stop recording when the HDD is full.  So lets assume that having set the DVR to the parameters mentioned above, the store is open 12 hours per day.  Most activity was recorded on the cash register CCTV camera anf the front door camera so with a great deal of activity the HDD was full say within 2 weeks.  That could be more than most users need anyway as some want just a few days.  If just a few days of recording is all you need, then set the DVR to 25fps (real Time) all cameras at highest quality.  Set the camera over the cash register to record non stop, MD or not, it doesn't matter.  It's very unlikely that a 500GBHDD could be used entirely under those circumstances anyway.

If on the other hand you need two weeks or more of recording then the idea is to prioritise cameras, speed of recording and quality and use the MD function. In most instances a 500GB HDD will suffice but for the small extra cost perhaps it would be worthwhile to select a 1TB (1000GB HDD) which will DOUBLE recording capacity.  When the HDD is full it will slowly overwrite from the earliest recording (unless to program the DVR to stop recording when HDD is full).  The recording are NOT DELETED when the HDD is full.  You will always have a certain number of day or weeks to look back upon.  Any event that is important either backup to DVD, USB or PC then archive that recording for viewing at another time.  Don't make the mistake of leaving an important event on the DVR for too long otherwise the recording will be over written and disappear later on.  Back important events up within a reasonable time.  Like anything, once you get the hang of it there is nothing to it. 

Call our office toll free 1300 7563235 for more information and suggestions.


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