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Hidden Cameras

Hidden Camera Surveillance supplies a huge range of Spy Cameras or Hidden Cameras built into Clocks & Radios, Tissue Boxes, Smoke Detectors, Pens, Caps, Sunglasses, Car Keys even a wrist Watch. Video & audio quality in most cases is sensational. Price is normally reflected according to recording quality & memory capacity. We prefer covert devices aimed toward the higher quality. We specialise in products not available to others although we will match or beat any other competitors price for the same or similar item. Spy Camera technology has advanced to the point where even the smallest covert camera is a battery operated ALL IN ONE surveillance solution. These devices have a DVR or Digital Video Recorder built in rather than being optional. Our popular Clock Radio Camera DVR for example has a Hi Resolution inbuilt colour Spy pinhole camera, tiny Hi Gain Microphone, SD memory card for recording and is powered by mains or battery. It is supplied standard with features such as MOTION DETECTION & SCHEDULED RECORDING meaning if someone moves anywhere within range of the Spy Security Camera, that activity will be recorded to the concealed internal memory card so no wasted memory. SIMPLE PLAYBACK TO PC OR TV. Supplied with instructions or we can phone assist. Purchase online using PayPal or call our office for most Credit Card orders. If Electronic Transfer is preferred please note we have a DISCREET account.