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Caravan Camera & Alarm

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Do you own a Caravan? Are you concerned when your caravan is left unattended in a caravan park or some other isolated location that a thief could break in? Nothing frightens a thief more than an alarm activation however, if someone does activate the 12V battery or mains operated motor home alarm & Camera, the built in pinhole security camera concealed inside the alarm motion sensor, will silently take any number of pre programmed high resolution pictures as evidence of the attempted breakin.

The Caravan Cam pictures are saved to an internal memory card which you can then reviewed on any PC, provided to Police or if preferred, take the SD memory card to a photo lab for printing or copying to CD. All photos are time and date stamped and digitally water marked so if you need to give evidence to authorities, at least you have proof. Not much that Police can do without hard evidence. So for peace of mind if nothing else, it's worth considering Caravan Camera and Caravan Alarm for your Mobile Home or Caravan security. Basically this is a portable alarm system and camera all in one. 

Just like a home alarm system, Caravan Security Camera will work on the same principal so when motion is detected inside a vehicle or van, the camera will record all movement silently and discreetly and at the same time trigger an alarm siren and/or strobe light.  The alarm system could be any 12V siren or blue flashing strobe although it might be an idea to look at our 3G Wireless Alarm System designed for boats, motor homes, caravans and any other mobile application.

This is a fantastic Motorhome Camera which includes a caravan alarm siren or strobe light is perfect for those on the go.  Don't have your hard earned holiday or retirement ruined by theft and vandalism.  If you have any concerns about what to do for your next big trip, Hidden Camera Surveillance has all of the battery operated solutions you need including LED Solar lighting and camping lights.



Caravan Camera & Alarm

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Other options to consider
Please note that Hidden Camera Surveillance also supplies 3G mobile alarm systems and GPS tracking devices to suit those on the move.  See our 12V 3G Alarm system that can operate for up to 4 months on one battery charge.  In the event of an alarm being activated the 3G Modem acts like a back to base monitoring centre.   Most of us carry a mobile phone anyway so if an alarm is activated it will call your mobile phone to let you know.  It can even notify relatives.

The other option to consider is GPS Trackers.
  Once again we have a wide range of portable GPS devices that can be tracked free on Google Earth if your Caravan or Mobile Home is stolen.  These devices have built in GSM Sim cards that can alert you (mobile phone) to sudden unauthorised movement and auto open up an audio connection to your mobile phone so you can "listen in" but also have the ability to track live of Google Earth.  Stay in touch with Police and you are sure to have your stolen Motor Home or Caravan returned and at the same time, hopefully apprehend the thieves.  As the alarm is also a hidden camera, Caravan Security Camera will also record all movement as save to an internal secure SD memory card.

Caravan Camera or Motor Home Camera is a battery powered standalone alarm and surveillance camera all in one. Internal backup battery, siren-strobe alarm module, 2 remote controls, 12V power supply, 2GB memory card, and card reader is all supplied for easy DIY installation.  No cabling is required and it looks neat.

The Caravan Camera can be powered by a 12VDC plug pack, can connect directly to a solar panel, vehicle 12V battery or it has an internal lithium Ion rechargeable battery that will recharge when power is restored. It can also operate on an internal battery for up to 4 weeks and the siren-strobe module when triggered, will operate from its internal battery for up to one hour in five minute intervals (assuming successive triggers)

Unique Australian owned & designed “standalone" video based alarm system

Mains powered with battery backup for up to 4 weeks
Optional extras: solar panel

Simple wiring and installation (One 4-core cable plus power)

Configurable siren and strobe-light timing
Ideal for Caravans, Motor homes, Boats, Sheds and Rental properties


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