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Hidden Camera Surveillance has been trading for more than 15 years. HCS specialises in HD Covert Spy Cameras and recorders but this technology is constantly evolving. Modern Spy cameras can be found in just about anything including Smoke Detectors, AC/DC Power Adapters, LED Light bulbs, Clocks, Pens, Car Keys, PC Speakers, Sunglasses, Bags, even hidden in a Book.  Spy pinhole cameras are very difficult to find and are powered by lithium rechargable long term battery or mains powered. Some hidden cameras have a recording duration of just a few hours although the more advanced pinhole cameras can remain in standby motion detection mode for days, weeks and even months.  Our HD Book Spy Cam for example has a standby battery capacity of up to 1 year. Covert cameras are incredible HD quality motion activated or constant video and audio recording auto saved to a concealed internal micro SD memory card. Recording quality is a sensational 1080P HD resolution and as good if not better than a Go Pro however, the latest advance is in spy cam technology is WiFi. That's right if the camera is located in a WiFi zone, remotely live view the Spy Cam from any mobile phone, PC or Mac from anywhere in the world then remotely playback motion SD card motion activated recordings without the need to touch or even remove the memory card.  Suspect that you may be watched or recorded? HCS also offers a range of Counter or Anti Surveillance Spy Camera and Bug Detectors designed to track and trace pinhole cameras, WiFi or wireless transmission, 3G and audio related devices.

Our Non hidden outdoor 3/4G Solar Security Cameras is an amazing new innovation 100% Australian owned and designed.  This system is not an import but over several years was designed and code written from ground up.  3G SolarCam is now an Australian EXPORT.  SolarCam can be mounted anywhere within a mobile phone wireless network. If onsite WiFi is available, the same solar security camera system is available without the 3G components thus replaced with a WiFi module instead.  3/4G SolarCam will record all motion, email motion as an Alarm alert, LED motion trigger night vision colour recording, live viewing and playback from any web enabled device from anywhere in the world. No software needed and so very easy to use. Ideal for Building & Construction Sites, Mine Sites, Councils, Waterways, Dams, Properties and so much more. Call or email HCS or SolarCam for more information.  1300 76 32 35 within Australia only.